Job Haines Home Resident, Age 105, Recovers in Place From Coronavirus

Viola Mantell at Job Haines celebration

Viola Mantell is Back to Enjoying Daily Activities After Receiving Care at Bloomfield, N.J. Long-Term Care Residence

Viola Mantell, age 105, has been living at Job Haines Home in Bloomfield since late January, following a hospital stay which required subacute care. She experienced symptoms of COVID-19 in May and tested positive for it. Rather than send her to the hospital, Mantell was transferred to the COVID floor established in Job Haines’ nursing home, where she received daily personal care and support. Today, she remains active, enjoying daily exercise, mah jongg, crocheting and other activities. The staff and residents celebrated her recovery with a festive gathering last month with the theme “Violet crushed COVID-19.”

“We’re very happy with and thankful for the care my grandmother has received at Job Haines,” said granddaughter Adrienne Amirata. “She has always been my hero because she’s so strong. She often says, ‘this too shall pass’—and it did.”

Job Haines offers assisted living, long-term nursing care, respite care and subacute rehabilitation services. Evelyne Lemy, director of nursing, said the facility took immediate steps to keep residents, patients and staff as safe as possible and reduce virus transmission. Of the residents who tested positive for the coronavirus, 46 recovered in place, cared for by the Job Haines nursing team.

Lockdown protocols included:

·         Transforming the nursing home wing into a COVID-only wing to provide intensive-level care for those with the virus, with hourly checks by the nursing team and all necessary medical interventions

·         Long-term care patients were transferred to other rooms where they received the same level of daily care and assistance to which they were accustomed

·         No new admissions were accepted

·         Cessation of all community activities, including communal dining, to avoid residents comingling

·         Full personal protective equipment for staff at all times

·         No visitation except for hospice patients, with certain restrictions and PPE provided

·         Video calls with family to lift spirits and stay connected

·         Admissions effective mid-June (when new admissions started again) require a 14-day quarantine

Lemy said that although some residents became severely ill, none who stayed at Job Haines Home needed a ventilator and all recovered. She attributes strong staffing levels, great teamwork, and the personal attention patients received as major factors in their recovery.

“This has been a journey like no other, but we are proud of the excellent care everyone received, which contributed to their recovery,” said Lemy. “Mrs. Mantell is an amazing example of that and now she is back to her usual activities, alert as always, as if nothing happened.”

Job Haines Home is located at 250 Bloomfield Avenue in Bloomfield; more information is at



Source: Job Haines Home