North Caldwell Republicans Launch Campaign for Mayor, Council

Will run under North Caldwell United Theme: Experience. Integrity. Vision.

Mayor Joe Alessi will seek re-election on a ticket with Councilman Ken Tilton and candidate for Council Lara Schlachter under the North Caldwell United theme: Experience. Integrity. Vision. These are the ideals and values that unite this team and will be their guiding principles as Mayor and Council Members. This team plans to continue and build on the successes of North Caldwell under the leadership of Mayor Joe Alessi. It's no coincidence that New Jersey Family Magazine named North Caldwell the seventh best town to raise a family in New Jersey in 2019 out of over 500 towns., another national town ranking service, rated North Caldwell the #1 best town to live in New Jersey for 2020. Its finances are managed responsibly, and its streets are safe. Taxes have remained stable (there have been no tax increases in 5 of the last 11 years) along with an exceptional bond rating that allows North Caldwell to borrow capital at a lower rate. Moody states: "North Caldwell's borough management has a history of conservative budgeting as seen in its recent strong financial performance." (Credit Opinion 9-25-19) 

 "I am excited to be seeking re-election as Mayor with Councilman Ken Tilton and Lara Schlachter - they are dynamic & dedicated, and together we will work every day to keep North Caldwell the great community it is. We will keep taxes stable while continuing to provide outstanding services to our residents. We know that North Caldwell is more than just a town - it's an exceptional community that is the best place to live, work, and raise our families," said Mayor Joe Alessi.


  • RESPONSIBLY manage tax dollars 
  • KEEP taxes stable 
  • PROVIDE open and honest government
  • DELIVER top-quality services to our residents
  • KEEP our streets safe by always supporting our police & first responders

Additionally, Mayor Joe, Councilman Tilton, and candidate Lara Schlachter promise to remain accessible to its residents and to keep its government transparent - providing personal cell phone numbers and being responsive to constituent concerns. Mayor Alessi has held "Mayor's Hours" since first becoming mayor to meet with citizens and address their concerns.  

Vote Nov. 8, 2022, for North Caldwell United 

 Meet the Candidates 

For more information, call or text: Pete Sheridan, Campaign Advisor 703-624-7570


Source: North Caldwell United